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Walk your dog without a leash safely

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Posted on November 14 2018

Being able to walk safely without a leash is the wish of any owner. This inevitably involves a good education.

We would all like to let our dogs run freely without a leash , but this is not always possible. In addition to legal restrictions, some stubborn, distracted or runaway dogs are reluctant to return. What does the law say about not keeping the dog on a leash? How to teach him to evolve without it?

Dog without leash: what the law says

Before seeing how to make sure that your dog can be safely walked around without leash , it is important to remember what the law states about this situation.

Let us first mention Law No. 83.629 of July 12, 1983 . This stipulates that, in public places or open to the public, dogs must be kept on a lead . The text is clear and clear: you can not let your dog circulate without a leash in a park, in the street or in any other public area under penalty of being sanctioned. And this, even if your dog is harmless .

In addition to this law, there is a decree , that of July 31, 1989 , which establishes a period of the year during which it is forbidden to walk dogs not leashed in the woods and forests outside the forest paths. This blackout period begins on April 15 and ends on June 30.

The importance of teaching him the reminder

The recall , the famous " foot ", is part of the basic learning components. It is essential that your dog learns from a very young age to come back to you as soon as you give him the order . This learning is long, but it is not difficult. Eventually, the dog will have to answer the first call, without you having to repeat it several times.

It would not be possible to let his dog evolve freely without his leash if he does not return systematically to his master. This would run a number of risks, both for the dog itself and for others. For you too, because you are responsible morally and legally.

The dog can run away, be aggressive towards other animals or other animals he encounters, be attracted to a female in heat, scare people or, worse yet, attack them, be overthrown by a dog. vehicle ... The potential dangers are not lacking. To guard against them by making sure that the dog is perfectly obedient.

How to teach him the reminder?

Learning the reminder is to begin very early . The puppy of 3 or 4 months can already be initiated there.

The first days, it is advisable to start this exercise at home , ideally in the garden, in a place where the young dog is not likely to be distracted by something else.

  • Detach it, let it go a little further, then call it squatting and clapping your hands or thighs. Adopt a playful tone to encourage more to join you. Keep calling him if he does not react, but always calm him .
  • As soon as he arrives, congratulate him warmly so that he associates it with something pleasant. Also, do not connect it right away so as not to produce a negative association (recall = end of recess). It will not be necessary to go to him every time, otherwise the animal may take the bad habit of not joining you knowing that you will do it.
  • Day after day, you can increase the distances that separate you, then repeat this exercise outside the house.

Do not forget to congratulate him every time he returns to his foot, even if he has been dragging a little on his way. It is useless to scold him , which would only make him less enthusiastic to join you.

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