Warning signs of cancer in dogs

Posted on October 08 2018

Warning signs of cancer in dogs

Some signs may suggest that the dog is suffering from cancer. Knowing how to detect them in time makes it possible to optimize the chances of survival for the animal.

The cancer is a source of fear and anxiety in humans, but the hope is to put thanks to medical advances obtained thanks to constant research. The finding is the same in dogs, which can also suffer from tumors . The key is to realize the earliest opportunity of symptoms that could be related to a possible cancer so that treatment success chances are maximum. There are, indeed, a number of warning signs of cancer that it would be wise to detect early in the dog.

When these symptoms are observed, it is necessary to take the animal to the veterinarian as soon as possible. The latter will be able to perform examinations to invalidate or confirm suspicion, before passing the baton to a specialist in oncology (oncology) veterinary if necessary. A suitable treatment can then be implemented: a surgical operation aimed at eliminating the tumor, radiotherapy or chemotherapy sessions.

Weight loss and appetite

Any form of lasting canine anorexia can alert you to possible cancer. It may be a tumor located in the dog's mouth preventing it from feeding properly, or another located in its digestive system. Weight loss and appetite is always a worrying sign in dogs no matter what.

Suspicious odors

Bad breath , bad smell emanating from the dog's truffle or rectum may also be signs of an abnormality or even cancer. Again, a tumor in the mouth can cause bad breath. The latter is often accompanied by bleeding and prevents the dog from eating normally.

Areas of size

It may be that one realizes, watching and stroking it, the dog wears lumps under the skin. Such areas of relief may correspond to cysts or tumors. It is important to take your pet to the veterinarian so that the veterinarian can pinpoint the problem.

Vomiting and diarrhea

The vomiting and diarrhea are worrying if they are repeated . If so, it may suggest something serious. A visit to the vet is to be done as soon as possible.

Loss of energy, abatement

A dog usually full of energy and drive that becomes inexplicably inactive and apathetic can be seriously ill. Frequent sleepiness, loss of interest in favorite games, and loss of energy are all warning signs.

Respiratory problems

Coughing, whistling during breathing, or shortness of breath early (as a result of low intensity exertion) may be underpinned by some form of lung cancer.

Gums less red than usual

The color of the gums is an important indicator of the health of the dog. If they are less dark than usual, this may be the result of a problem with the blood circulation . The origin of such a dysfunction can be a serious affection. The risk of cancer is not at variance.

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