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What do I do if my puppy hiccups?

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Posted on April 10 2018

Hiccups in puppies is perfectly normal and is very common, as in babies.

In animals, hiccups starts from the womb, when the lungs need to be strengthened while exercising is to n in the water . The hiccup promotes the diaphragm to exercise, which separates the abdomen from the chest, since once they leave and breathe air, they depend on being able to breathe air into the lungs.

In normal breathing, when you inhale, the diaphragm pushes down to bring air to the lungs and when you exhale it pushes for air to come out of the lungs. However, there are times when the diaphragm becomes irritated and causes spasms that we know as hiccups.

what causes it ?

Eating very fast seems to be the most common cause, but also when they are nervous or very excited they may have hiccups. It happens commonly when they swallow very fast, which can even happen when they are playing.

Does it bother you?

Well, like you, hiccups do not hurt and you should not worry, as it does not mean something is wrong with your puppy. There are times when you will realize that when they have hiccups they tremble or they are confused or agitated, do not be alarmed, the hiccup lasts a short time and they are not suffering.

how can I help?

If your puppy hiccups, please do not try to scare him. Remember that if you are nervous that can cause hiccups or prevent it from being removed. Try to distract him with something or try to make him cute so he can relax and normalize his breathing.

Your puppy will eventually grow up and stop having these common hiccups. For now, do like these owners and take a video because the truth is that they are VERY tender when they have hiccups.

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