What is a cat LOOF registration?

Posted on December 12 2018

What is a cat LOOF registration?

The LOOF, body recognized by the State, allows the breeder to obtain a pedigree for his cat which becomes a purebred cat. A status that offers real security to the buyer, and allows the breeder to see his work recognized and sell, too, at a higher price.

What is LOOF?

The LOOF, or Official Book of Feline Origins, is an organization recognized by the State and the Ministry of Agriculture. This organization is authorized to issue pedigrees for purebred cats in France.

The pedigree is a document that aims to present the genealogy of your cat on its generations. It allows to give the status of purebred cat to your pet.

Without this famous LOOF pedigree, your cat is considered a gutter cat , even if his parents are registered for LOOF. Conversely, to obtain a LOOF pedigree, a kitten must himself be born of 2 parents having this famous LOOF pedigree.

How to register your cat LOOF?

It is the breeders who have the opportunity to register their cat LOOF. To obtain a pedigree, as announced on the official LOOF website, this happens in two phases:

  • The first is the declaration of the protrusion . It is a document that must be signed by the cat owner and the breeder cat. It must be signed within 2 months after the birth of the kittens.
  • Then, within 6 months after the birth of the kittens, the request for pedigree is filed. It is necessary beforehand that the kittens were tattooed or that a chip was put to them.

If the LOOF registration is not effective at the time of a sale, the breeder can provide the buyer of the kitty (s) with the acknowledgment of receipt of the pedigree request.

The declaration of the protrusion

Before any request for pedigree, the breeder will have to make a declaration of the breeding , called DSN . On the document, you will need to indicate:

  • The date of the mating
  • The names of the owners of the male cat and the female, parents of the kittens
  • Breeder names
  • Breed of breeders
  • The pedigree of the breeders
  • The number of kittens in the litter

Then, you will have to accompany this declaration of a regulation of 10 € per kitten . All sent by post within 2 months after the birth of the kittens.

What cost for a purebred cat?

Of course, a purebred cat will have a higher cost than a gutter cat, without pedigree. The breeder, often serious, must see his work rewarded.

If it sells its cat with pedigree, it means that its reach meets the standardsdefined by the LOOF, competent authority. In addition, a breeder has investedbeforehand to raise his cats. This requires specific equipment , food (between 80 and 250€ per year per cat), health costs (vaccines, veterinary appointments, illness). In addition, a breeder must make known the range of his breed and must therefore pay a little money to participate in cat shows.

The purchase of an animal with a pedigree at a breeder is the insurance to adopt a cat that meets specific criteria and verified.

In all, a price of 1,000 to 1,200 to acquire a purebred cat is not illogical. Abroad, these prices may even be higher.

In summary

A cat registered with the LOOF is the insurance , for the purchaser, to own a cat in good health and whose characteristics are in conformity with its waitings. More expensive, a cat LOOF has all the assets to please his future owner.

Registration to the LOOF presents no difficulty for the breeder. He must think about:

  • Report the protrusion within 2 months after birth
  • Then ask for the pedigree within 6 months.

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