What is a LOOF confirmation test for the cat?

Posted on December 10 2018

What is a LOOF confirmation test for the cat?

Registering your cat LOOF is not done in a snap of fingers. There are steps to go (successfully) to hope to see your feline entered on the book of feline origins. This is the case of confirmation. We explain what comes out of it and how to succeed in this process.

What is LOOF?

First, let's look at the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins). Who is it ? It is an organization recognized by the State which is authorized to give pedigrees for purebreds in France.

This document is used to present the genealogy of your animal and its previous generations . In fact, your cat is no longer just a lambda cat , or a gutter cat , but a purebred cat . For a kitten, the only registration of his parents LOOF is not enough. He too must be able to obtain this pedigree.

Registration to LOOF in several stages

As we have seen in another guide, the registration of a cat in LOOF is done in several stages. On the LOOF official website, you can find them in detail.

First, you make a statement of the protrusion . It must be signed by you, owner of the cat or cat in question. All within 2 months after birth. Then you can apply for a pedigree before the 6 months of life of your kitten. Think, beforehand, to tattoo or to suck your animal. Note that if you adopt a kitten that does not have a pedigree, the breeder can provide you with an acknowledgment of receipt of the application.

  • The declaration of the protrusion

On this document, you must fill out several information:

  • The date of the mating
  • The names of the owners of the male cat and the female, parents of the kittens
  • Breeder names
  • Breed of breeders
  • The pedigree of the breeders
  • The number of kittens in the litter

A payment of 10 euros must accompany the declaration.

  • The confirmation

This is an exam during which the judge will check if your cat does not have playoff faults . By this there are defects in color, character or morphology .

This is called the compliance session . This ensures the owner that he is in possession of a cat corresponding to the standards of the breed. The crossing may be an opportunity for exposure or " heart any point of the national territory, under the LOOF or one or more affiliated clubs, subject to a prior statement the place, the date, the judge (s) and breeds examined at least two weeks before the event ", as mentioned on the LOOF website.

At the end of this examination, your cat can be considered compliant, postponed or non-compliant . The term " adjourned" is used in the case where the state of your feline can not allow the judge to deliberate on the moment . As a result, his examination is postponed to a later date . Note that the adjournment is possible only once , as stipulated in the rule. In the case of a non-compliant cat, it is that it accuses one or more defects listed as criteria of non-conformity ". The LOOF may appoint a jury to reconsider the decision. The owner has, in any case, one month to appeal the decision in the latter case.

Thereafter, the judge must complete and sign a form divided into two parts, one for him and another for the owner of the cat.

In summary

Registering your cat LOOF must be done according to well-defined rules. Indeed, you, the owner, must make a statement of breeding, pay € 10 but also make a compliance review, to confirm that your cat is able to be recognized. He will have a pedigree if and only if he is judged to be compliant. The judge may adjourn his exam (once) or judge your non-compliant feline for a variety of reasons.

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