What is Dog Scooting?

Posted on April 20 2018

What is Dog Scooting?

Have you heard about "Dog Scooting"?

It is when the dogs drag their buttocks across the floor, leaning on their front legs; It may seem strange or funny, but it is a sign that your anal glands are causing you discomfort and can become a serious medical condition.

Why do they do it?

Dogs drag their behind to alleviate those irritations under their tails and it is vitally important that their veterinarian reviews them. Crawling helps them release secretions in their anal glands, which are found on both sides of the anus.

How are they released?

Dogs by nature, empty their anal glands at the time of defecation, but sometimes do not completely empty them and that causes a sense of pain and discomfort. When this happens, the dogs help each other from the floor to release the remaining secretions in their glands; Incredible as it seems, crawling is very useful.

If your faithful companion does not empty his glands on a regular basis, he can develop a serious illness. The anal sacs become inflamed due to infections and can cause tumors.


If you notice that your puppy crawls, bites and also licks the anal region more often, it is likely that their anal sacs are infected, you must be aware that their secretions are not opaque and bloody, if so, take it with your veterinarian to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Many times they need surgery or some medication to deworm when the infection is very developed, otherwise the veterinarian can teach you how to empty your pet's anal glands.

A tip? The fiber bars will provide relief to the anal glands of your beloved puppy, helping the immune and digestive system.

Take care of your dog's diet, remember that they need to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Pamper him and take care of his health!

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