What is that of positive dog training?

Posted on April 11 2018

What is that of positive dog training?

Sure you've heard of reinforcement or positive training for dogs . This method seeks to get dogs to learn what you want to teach them using conditioning that makes them happy , something like learning fun , which by the way, at least with humans, we know that it is much more effective.

Let's use as an analogy a human school. Although you remember more the teacher who was an ogre, the things you learned best are those that you learned fun-dote , that did not force you to learn and that did not give you a rule if you did not know them.

As with dogs, positive training is based on the use of prizes and pads and words of motivation so that the dog , which is naturally complacent, will see that when he did what you asked him, you were happy, You made a love and sometimes even won a prize .

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The synchronization between the good action of your dog and the reward you give it is everything , when you give it a command and it does it well, in that instant it must receive the reward. Dogs do not have very long short memories , so if you get distracted or go for the prize or whatever, your dog already forgot.

At Instituto Perro we only recommend this type of training for dogs, since it is the most effective and the most civilized . Thinking that "blows understand" or if they do not do what you asked them deserves a punishment seems to us a useless and archaic method, when they really knew nothing about these animals.

If you want to use it with your dog, this is what you need to be ready:

1. Awards. The ones you want, your favorites, you can even bake them yourself . You will not always use them, they only serve to learn and associate the behavior you want to teach them with something they like, so they will learn and repeat them.

2. A bag for the prizes. This is very professional and VERY useful in the walks or to avoid that your jeans smell like liver of beef to keep the prizes in the bags. These bags are very comfortable and will make it easier for you to have the prize at hand just when the dog does what you asked for. Remember that time is everything.

3. A place without distractions where your dog and you can concentrate. The park for example can be difficult for the first sessions. Your dog can get excited by the smells, other dogs or just with the idea that they are in the park and he knows it's time to play.

4. A dog without much accumulated energy. Before starting the session, make sure that your dog is calm, go for a walk or run so that he draws all the energy and is not very anxious when it comes to learning something new. Some trainer told us once, "a tired dog is a trainable dog" and we think he's right.

5. Be clear about what you want to teach him. R. One thing at a time. Do not try to teach him 5 tricks in the same session, one thing a day and always practice in the following days so that he learns it well.

6. Many apapachos and pretty things to say. While the prizes are a very good reason to do what you ask, most dogs respond better when you congratulate them and make them parties if they did well what you asked them to do. Remember that there is nothing your dog wants more than to make you happy.

If you are going to find a trainer for your dog, ask him what method he uses and ask him to be present in the sessions so that you can learn and so that you can be sure that they are taking it to the letter.

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