What is the best automatic pet feeder?

Posted on April 27 2019

What is the best automatic pet feeder?-WOPET

In the market, you can find one feeder better than another, but your choice will depend mainly on the characteristics and needs of the pet that you have.

Of course, the feeders for cats and dogs are different, each one seeks to satisfy the needs of your pet. The health of your furry friends depends on the quality of life you can give them, so it is not the same as a dog that eats at any time at free demand until the scale is burst to another with an organized diet.

Are you convinced that your pet needs an automatic feeder because you spend a lot of time away from home? then you can not buy the first thing that crosses you on the way.

Acquiring automatic feeders for dogs and cats I assure you that it implies a comparison between good quality, brand, that is affordable to your wallet and that concludes with the acquisition of the least expensive.

# 1 WOPET Automatic Timer Cat and Dog Feeder F01-7L

# 2 Automatic feeder for cats and dogs PetSinc

If your pet is not as big as Toby, this automatic feeder is great for you. It is fully programmable and dispenses up to four servings of food a day of about 24 ml.

For small dogs and cats that feed with croquettes or other solid food between 0.5 and 1.5 cm in size.

You can record your voice with a message or call to eat at the scheduled time, so your little animal will attend and satisfy hunger without inconvenience while you are at work or during a weekend away from home.

# 3 Smart Feeder Unimall

Technology advances and thinks about the welfare of you and your pet. Imagine that you are away from home and that you can watch the pet … You will even see when your dog or cat happily play in your chair!

Well, not only can you watch with this product. You can also order from your smartphone to dispense from 1 to 10 servings per meal. Each portion is 100 grams and you can configure up to 4 daily distribution alarms. As you can see, it is perfect for large pets that will always have their food on time.

# 4 Intelligent food dispenser for dogs and cats S25 HoneyGuaridan

Only your veterinarian tells you exactly the daily requirements in your pet’s diet. Follow the exclusive feeding plan and this device is perfect because it prevents obesity. The feeding time and the amount of food you configure with the App on an Android Smartphone or iPhone because this gadget is one of those smart wonders that work with mobile applications.

# 5 Pet feeder with LCD screen and ICOCO voice recorder

If you are far from home, surely your pet will miss you a lot. Alleviating your regret is possible because this brand has managed the way for your dog or cat to listen to you at the scheduled time to dispense the food.

It will associate food with the master because love enters through the stomach. It also serves other pets and has an LCD screen that shows the current time, scheduled meals, the size of the food and the food served. You can program it to dispense from portion 1, 4 cups to 3 cups, in 3 selected dry meals daily.

# 6 Feeder for cats and dogs with video and voice to talk with your pet HOMMINI

A luxury you can give yourselves and your pet, when at lunchtime you can interact even when the animal is alone at home. It has a system for recording voice and also brings a camera. It also guarantees a water supply with its modern dispenser. It is good for larger dogs because they give you 1 to 10 servings per meal (serving / 10g), plus you can configure up to 4 daily distribution alarms, you simply have to choose the size of your portion and the unit distributes the dry meals. With these automatic feeders, you not only guarantee a good diet but it will provide you with the peace of mind you need when you are away from home.

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