How much is your cat?

Posted on April 26 2019

How much is your cat?-WOPET

Owning a cat has a certain cost. There are some financial sacrifices to be made throughout the life of your pet. In terms of his health, his food, his comfort of life, multiple expenses must be made. We sweep together all the items of expenditure of your cat.

Buying a cat should not be a decision made lightly. The only expense of the acquisition is not enough, on the contrary. A cat will cost you throughout his life. That it is at the level of its health, its food, its daily toilet, its maintenance, its well-being. Throughout your life, your cat must be at the center of your priorities.

The annual budget can, therefore, be consistent, depending on several parameters (health in particular). Your responsibility, subsequently, will be to have a budget large enough to mitigate any eventuality.

The acquisition, a variable price

The acquisition is the first act of purchase quite strong. The price of your cat can be variable, depending on the place of purchase. It is also not the same depending on the type. ALOOF cat is much more expensive than a gutter cat. There are many ways to own a cat, all with different costs:

  • Go through a pet shop. The price will be lower than for the purchase of a breeding cat. It must be emphasized, however, that the quality of life of cats is not necessarily what is best for them. The health component should come back to you more expensive later, because care will surely be needed, like vaccines.
  • Individuals. If they are free to fix their price too, they generally have lower costs than a professional breeder. In fact, the price will be slightly more affordable. However, you must ensure the quality of life of your future cat before any purchase. Check his environment, his food, his relationship with the human.
  • Salesmen (breeders) professionals. They are generally passionate about cats and know what they are talking about. If you pay more, make sure that the quality of life of your future cat has been adequate. Be careful not to fall on cat plants, or on unscrupulous sellers. Feel free to ask any questions that come to your mind.
  • A refuge. This is perhaps the most beautiful way to make an abandoned cat happy throughout his life. Shelters are often non-profit law 1901 associations. They have as a leitmotif the defense of animals. If it is not free, such an adoption obviously costs less than via an individual or a professional breeder. You will have to pay a contribution to the structure in question, generally of the order of 150 to 200 €.

From a more general point of view, the cost of acquiring a cat depends on its breed, its recognition as LOOF or not and the structure in which you will find your happiness.

Your cat's health has a cost

A cat that does not have a specific health problem costs on average between € 450 and € 600 a year. The price of food varies especially if it is a kitten or a cat that you have with you, but also according to the types of food given to your animal.

As for health costs, they can be quite expensive, especially the first year. You will already have to implement an electronic chip (60 €) or a tattoo to your cat.

In its first year, your cat will have to receive several essential vaccines to ensure a life without too much risk for his health. The cost of vaccines against typhus, the coryza, the chlamydiae, leukemia, and rabies (+ the lkr) amounts to over a hundred euros. To this, it will be necessary to add the sterilization of the male or the female if you opt for it. Count about 90 € for the male and 120 € for the female. Do not forget the European passport, allowing your cat to travel freely on the continent (€ 15) but also deworming. It will cost you around € 70.

As part of a routine consultation with your veterinarian, expect to spend about 60 to 70 € each time.

Subsequently, your cat will always cost you a minimum in terms of his health. It will cost about 150 € per year for all reminders of vaccines, vermifuge. Plus, if your cat is suffering from serious problems like a fracture or a tumor later on. The cost of surgical intervention can be around 400 € for a radiotherapy session, count 1500 €.

The price of food depends on its quality

There are different brands for your cat's food. Unscrupulous brands to rather high-end brands with the prices that go with it. In addition, you can buy dry food or wet food. It will also affect the cost.

A cat consumes an average of 50 to 60 grams of kibble a day. This equates to almost 22 kg per year. If you opt for a classic brand, you may have to spend around € 150 to € 175 per year for wet food, just under € 100 for dry food. For a high-end brand, multiply the first digit by 10 and the second by 4.

The material of the dog has a price

Before the acquisition of your cat, you will have to attach to possess all the essential equipment for the well-being of your new pet. Thus, it will be necessary to spend on:

  • The transport cage, a cost that can range from twenty euros to more than 50 €.
  • A litter box that can be found at € 5 or more than € 100. Be sure to choose a tray of a certain quality to avoid health problems, and therefore a higher cost of care.
  • 2 bowls, one for water, one for croquettes, each around 8 to 10 €.
  • kibble distributor if you opt for this means of feeding, a cost of 20 €.
  • basket that is around 50 € even if you can find cheaper.
  • Toys, between 10 and 50 € or more.
  • Of all the appropriate tools to the toilet of your cat (brush, claw cutter) about twenty or even fifty euros also.
  • Of a scratching post to allow your cat to make his claws somewhere other than on a brand new sofa: 20 €.

ALOOFThe invoice can quickly become important. After, some toys will have to be replaced, just like the bowls. The litter will need to be changed regularly. A year, it could cost you in all and for all a hundred euros.

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