What is the safest way to take your dog in the car

Posted on April 18 2018

What is the safest way to take your dog in the car

Many owners have the good habit of taking their dogs everywhere , without a thief, rarely stop to think if it is safe to bring our dog around in the car or leaning out of a window.

Although they look out the window they love it, it is not very safe , because in case of an accident they can fly away or there are even very nervous or very curious dogs that can winnow if they see something that catches their attention or if a noise scares them.

There are also many people who like to drive with their dog sitting on top of it , this is not recommended for you or the dog . The dog should never interfere with your ability to drive and in case of an accident you can crush it.

And well, a definite answer is to put your dog in the back of a pick up .

So, where do I put my dog?

The most important thing is to keep it safe, so there are three options that are most recommended:

1,A kennel or cage for trips : These kennels are the same ones that are used to travel by plane and if you realize, all the transports of nurseries and dog hotels use them. Not only to prevent them from fighting but also because it is the surest way to avoid crashing from one side of the car to the other when you turn around or in the event of an accident. The kennels must be secured with a seat belt, if not basically the same, a box flying from one side of the car to the other. The cages should go sideways, not facing forward, to avoid breaking the door and the dog flying.

2,A special harness for dogs : If the idea of ​​the jaulita causes you conflict, in most pet shops you can get one, like this . Some people say that this is the best option, because in the crash tests with kennels, they proved to be more effective. However, according to several videos of crash tests with dogs, there are few brands that actually make harnesses that withstand shocks. What they recommend is to look for harnesses that have the least possible number of clasps, that have double seams and that they feel resistant. Also, the brooches are better that they are in the part of the waist and not of the chest.

3,A pet booster seat for dogsKeep your pup safe on the road with Wopet Journey Booster Seat for dogs. Your dog is a member of the family too, so you want Fido to be completely comfortable while on-the-go. This dog car seat allows your pooch to see out the window while driving, immediately putting him at ease. It keeps your dog off your lap preventing distracted driving. When not in use, car seat for dogs folds up for easy storage. Plus, in case your copilot has an accident, the interior pad is machine washable so your pup can always be fresh and cozy.

Pet Booster Seat

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