What is your dog telling you when he barks?

Posted on April 11 2018

What is your dog telling you when he barks?

Almost all dogs bark, we know that. However, there is a point where the barking of your dog can get out of control and begin to become a problem, not only for you and your neighbors, but also for himself, because he is continually scolded.

In fact, there are many adopted dogs that are returned with their rescuers because their owners can not control their barking and even, many irresponsible owners throw their dogs to the streets for this reason .

However, you have to look a little beyond the noise and try to understand the reasons why your dog may be barking . The more you manage to decipher what is detonating their barking, it will be easier to channel their behavior.

Although the barking has not been studied with enough depth that it is required to determine exactly what is communicated, according to some tests carried out by scientists, the barking of dogs varies in cadence, tone and amplitude depending on the circumstance, which means that the barks are not the same and that, therefore, they could be expressing different messages.

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According to some experiments and the observation of some specialists in the subject , it has been possible to classify the barking of dogs in this way:

I'm lonely / bored

A dog that stays alone all day, that does not take a walk or who nobody plays will feel alone and bored and possibly channel this frustration in destructive behavior or barking. There are dogs that suffer separation anxiety and will bark for this reason, but in most cases this can be corrected if daily exercise is increased . I want attention / I need something

If your dog wants to go to the bathroom, he wants you to take him out for a walk, he wants you to feed him or he just wants you to pay attention to him, he can get used to barking to get your attention. In general, they will be short barks that will emit while you stare at you to make sure you turn it on.

I'm playing / I'm excited

Many dogs often bark when they are playing or are excited about something, for example, when someone comes to the house or they go out for a walk.

I'm scared

When a dog sees something or someone who is afraid of it, it is possible for it to bark uncontrollably. It is not the same bark that they use when they are defending their home or warning of a stranger, because it does not feel like a "brave" bark, but as a mixture between barking and howling.

There is a stranger nearby

If someone happens near the entrance of your house or if there is a strange dog hanging around the neighborhood, your dog will let you know that something strange is happening. It can be very annoying that every time someone passes by, your dog barks, but there are also many owners who feel more confident knowing that their dogs will alert them if there is a danger.

I have an ear problem

There are some dogs that, as they get older, tend to bark louder and louder. This may be due to the fact that they are becoming deaf and do not manage to modulate their barking, or that they suffer from a disease such as Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, which may have this side effect.

Get away!

A dog that does not want you to approach it will surely growl and then emit a rapid, serious and loud bark, for it is telling you not to approach it. If you do not pay attention, a dog that alerts you in this way could bite you.

But how do I know what my dog ​​wants to tell me?

Something interesting is that in several experiments, when you put recordings of different barks to be heard by a group of people, most humans could accurately identify what kind of barking the dog was emitting (particularly, when it was a barking by solitude, one per game and one per alert).

Of course, in general, people could not identify if it was their own dog that emitted the bark or if it was an unknown dog. The only exception was when it came to the barking to warn that there was a stranger nearby, because in those cases the owners could tell when it was their own dog.

Have you identified that your dog barks in other circumstances? Tell us about your experience

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