What should you know about caring for cats?

Posted on March 31 2018

What should you know about caring for cats?

We know that cats are very independent animals , however, they will need their human (s) to have veterinary attention, water, food, a home and above all, love. Always consider these aspects and you will achieve an excellent relationship with your new kitten. In addition, we share some points to make you almost an expert in the subject of your care.

Veterinary care
If you are your first pet and still do not have a trusted veterinarian, we recommend you ask at a local animal shelter, friends or rescuers for suggestions. Your medical care is as essential to him as it is to you . If you already have pets at home, they must be up to date with vaccinations and enjoy excellent health before receiving a new member.

Ask for guidance also about the food; which and how many times a day you should eat according to your weight, age, nutritional values, etc.

Sterilization (although many do not believe it) will keep it healthier and will help reduce the number of cats slaughtered each year due to overcrowding. If you find it complicated by the cost, you can support yourself from sterilization campaigns organized by aid and rescue groups in your city, check your social networks to be on the lookout.

As a first gift, COLLAR AND IDENTIFICATION! No matter how careful you are, no one is exempt from the possibility of a cat running when he sees an open door. The plaque should include name, phone number and address, this and the necklace will help people to know that it is from home and will increase the chances of being sheltered.

* Remember how difficult your life can be after having a home, sterilization, a necklace and a plaque can make a difference.

It is in their nature to be clean , instinctively and with your help they will also use their litter box, you just have to show them where it will be (your cat will enjoy a little privacy, place his box in some quiet and silent place). Get a special shovel to remove stools one to three times a day, if it is within your means, you can change sand once a week and wash the container perfectly.

Brushing is important to avoid knots, hairballs, excessive hair loss and equally, to ensure healthy skin . This daily activity will also help you find injuries and insects as well as spend quality minutes with him. Do not forget to be aware of your little cravats too.

Quality time
Yes, they are very independent animals and can "have fun" on their own but a sudden session with him can offer you necessary mental and physical stimulation. In addition to strengthening the bond between you, you will love playing and will appreciate each toy you offer.

Basic feline training
As with dogs, cats will learn to relate your tone of voice and certain "words" to what they should and should not do. The constancy in your training as well as your kindness will make you learn the house rules as they could be; do not scratch furniture, do not eat plants, do not jump to certain places, etc. It is not necessary to shout or hit him, over time you will see that they are highly intelligent beings and with time they will understand.

In addition to these aspects, never forget safety. Allows you to live indoors, if you leave use a box to transport it, check that the cupboards, washing machines, dryers, etc. are closed and on the contrary, before closing a closet, drawer, cupboard, washing machine or dryer, check that your cat is not inside.

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