What to do if I found a dog?

Posted on April 03 2018

What to do if I found a dog?

One of the most frequent questions that people who first encountered a dog in the street and decided to rescue him face is what to do next.

First of all, if you find yourself in that situation, congratulations for wanting to help him, because most of the people are indifferent and even when they "feel ugly" for the puppy, they will continue long and will not act.

Now, in most cases, the first idea you have is to take the dog to a shelter or association (or, worse, to the anti-rabies) so that they take care of him and help him and, in reality, , we must tell you that this is the first mistake that is made.

For this reason, the best you can do is help the dog YOU . This does not mean that you should stay with him if you do not want to or can not, but remember that the one who rescued him was you and you must take responsibility to help him.

How? Here we give you a brief guide:

1 Check if the dog has plaque. If you have it, communicate immediately. If not (which sadly is the most common even though the dogs have an owner), take note of any particular signs that the dog may have (sex, if it had a collar, some physical characteristic, etc.). This is important and soon we will tell you why.

2 Take pictures of the dog . It is very likely that the dog is scared, but wait for it to be calmer and try to take a photo in front, in which the dog is clearly visible, that is not moved or blurred so that they can identify it more easily.

3 If you can, design a poster with your data to spread it on social networks and try to find their owners. Even in the case of being a dog that seems "street" do not assume that it has no owner and first try to locate the owner. There are dogs that if they have been on the street for a long time, they will not look like "from home" and there are also many owners who have mongrel dogs.

4 Once you have the poster, print it and stick it on poles near the place where you found the dog. At present, it would seem that the most efficient way to spread is through social networks and, although these tools are extremely useful, it is better to redouble efforts and look for the owners "to the old one" as well.

5 We recommend that you do not include details about the dog in the poster that you broadcast, that is, do not indicate if the dog had a collar, plaque, sweater or any other particular sign, as this will help you identify the owners. Remember that, unfortunately, there are malicious people who seek to stay with lost dogs even if they are not theirs (especially if they are of race).

6 Consider that someone should give the dog temporary home in what they find to the owners or, if you finally decide to give it up for adoption, in what you find to your permanent family. You can give temporary home you or someone you know or you can ask for help in social networks to see if someone offers to give temporary home, but remember that what happens that YOU are responsible for the dog. Some people decide to enter them into a pension, but take into account that this will mean that you will have to pay it.

7 Meanwhile, take the dog to the vet . It is very important that, although he looks healthy, you take him to have a general check to see that he does not have fleas or ticks, any disease or even internal injuries. Remember that there are public veterinary hospitals like this one that can give you free services or also some associations like this that provide veterinary services at reasonable costs. Let him decide if it is appropriate to bathe him at once or if you have to wait for a cure or treatment first.

8 If a lot of time passes and nobody claims the dog, consider giving it up for adoption. Again, he resorts to social networks to find him a permanent home.
As you can see, rescuing a dog is much more complex than just picking him up from the street and trying to get someone else to help him for you.

Fortunately, there are still people who are willing to do this work to help our beloved dogs and many stories of lost dogs or rescued dogs end in happy endings because there are still good people in this world.

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