What to do if your dog has a bite?

Posted on April 11 2018

What to do if your dog has a bite?

It is very common that at some point in your life your dog is intrusive in a conflict or fight with another dog and get bitten. The canine teeth are strong enough to penetrate the skin and muscle tissue of some part of the body. So they can cause serious damage if the wound is not treated in time. Even a bite that is not very deep can get complicated with an infection . The snout of dogs is characterized by having an excess of bacteria that can be introduced into a cut and make it lethal. When the bacteria multiply by the area where the bite is , or worse they reach the bonesSeptic arthritis (infection of the joint), osteomyelitis (infection of the bone), pyothorax (pus in the chest cavity) or septic peritonitis (pus in the abdominal cavity) could be detonated . What to do if they bite your dog?

The general rule after a situation like this, even though the bite is superficial, it is very important that your veterinarian check it. If possible, try to obtain information about the dog that bit your dog, especially if you have your vaccinations up to date (especially rabies). If the bleeding is very heavy, apply pressure with a clean towel or cloth to try to stop it as much as possible when you arrive at the doctor's office or hospital. If your dog has the following symptoms it is even more urgent that you take it: limping, weakness, pain, fainting, very red or very pale gums. If after taking it to the doctor, they determine that it is not necessary to sew it or any type of operation, you can take it home.

How to take care of the wound at home?

  • Never assume that you should use the same medicines that you use for yourself. That is, do not apply oxygenated water or alcohol, nor drugs such as Merthiolate or Isodine, unless your veterinarian believes it is necessary.
  • Instead, you should clean it with the disinfectant recommended by your doctor approximately three times a day.
  • The area around the wound should be kept clean and hair-free . It is likely that your veterinarian has shaved it , so be careful to keep it that way.
  • It is important that you clean the wound according to the instructions of your veterinarian. In some cases, he will tell you if you should remove any type of scab or dead tissue to prevent it from becoming infected or, on the contrary, if you should not even touch the scabs your dog has.
  • Try to keep the bite dry, since moisture affects the new tissue.
  • Ideally, do not cover the wound so as not to delay healing, unless it requires bandaging.
  • Be very careful every time you clean it so it does not hurt anymore.
  • Finally do not let it lick or scratch . If necessary you can put an Elizabethan collar (the famous 'cone of shame'), so it does not reach.
  • Make sure that your dog follows the treatment indicating the letter (in case you have sent antibiotics, for example).

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