What to do with ear mites in dogs?

Posted on May 04 2018

What to do with ear mites in dogs?

Dogs are magnets of error - something that dog owners know very well. And while all these little creatures are unpleasant, it can be argued that ear mites are the densest of all of them. They are not just gross, either - they may cause some damage. Fortunately, they can be treated.

A close look at ear mites

While there are several errors that can claim the designation of ear mites, the most common errors that fit the description of ear mites are tiny parasites called Otodectes cynotis. These creatures usually have a life cycle of three weeks and partying in the oils and wax located in the ear canal of a dog. You will not see them unless you get a good look in your dog's ear, but they are unmistakably repulsive when you see them.

The problems that ear mites can cause for your dog

Ear mites are not just gross - they can do some potential harm to your dog. At one end of the spectrum, they can cause inflammation and irritation in your dog's ear. At the other end of the spectrum, the presence of ear mites could lead to some very serious infections in the skin or ears if the errors are allowed to rot.

What's more, they are highly contagious creatures. Ear mites can not only pass from one dog to another, but can also be transmitted from different species of domestic animals to different species of domestic animals. Puppies, in particular, are susceptible to ear mites.

Does your dog have ear mites? The symptoms to consider

There are several visible symptoms that you can keep an eye out to help you determine if your dog has ear mites. Your first clue could come simply by observing your dog's behavior. If you notice that you are shaking your head or rubbing or scratching your ears excessively, you may want to go for a closer look.

When it does, it will have to keep an eye out for some visual cues. Some of these symptoms include the presence of a deep brown or black waxy discharge from the ears, inflammation, and a brown-like lumps that create an obstruction in your ear canal. You may also want to take a puff when you are near, as the presence of ear mites can be accompanied by a strong and unpleasant odor.

My dog ​​seems to have ear mites - How can I help him?

If you suspect that your dog has ear mites, the first step you should take is to get your veterinarian for a complete physical examination. This will help rule out any other diseases or potential diseases that your dog may have. When you pay your veterinarian for a visit, you will want to let him know if your dog has any routine contact with other animals since the condition is highly contagious.

If it is confirmed that your dog has ear mites, your veterinarian will treat your dog with the prescribed medication. Usually, this medication can be applied to the ear or skin. Your veterinarian may also prescribe an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory to stifle the infection.

If your dog has a pile of debris accumulated in his ear, your veterinarian can perform a gentle cleansing. Your dog may not be in the best of moods during this part of the procedure, since the vet is dealing with an issue that is giving him some discomfort. Luckily for him, he should begin to feel relief from ear mite problems shortly after treatment for the condition begins.

Prevent ear mites that do not return

As a consequence of this condition, it is important that you remain active with your dog to potentially stop a return to infection. It is advisable to clean your dog's ears on a monthly basis so that they are less livable for insects. You should also give your bedding a constant cleanup to further inhibit an attractive environment for insects.

Taking these preventive measures does not guarantee that your dog will never have another one - remember the infection, the ear mites are very contagious. However, they will also reduce the risk that your dog will have to go through this painful test again. And really, that should be more than enough of a motivating factor to administer proper care.

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