Which kibble to choose for your dog?

Posted on October 18 2018

Which kibble to choose for your dog?

Depending on the age, activity and state of health of the dog, we will choose the kibble best suited to his needs.

Among dog owners, many prefer kibble meals homemade and moist industrial foods (mash box). Practical, complete and economical, several arguments plead in their favor. We just ensure choose croquettes adapted to his dog. To help you, here are some things to know.

The benefits of croquettes

Being a form of dry industrial food , croquettes have many advantages for the dog as for his master.

First, when they are of good quality , the kibble is a complete and balanced diet for the animal. They are, in fact, developed in such a way as to ensure the nutritional contributions that dogs need on a daily basis: vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, etc.

For the owner of the dog, the choice of croquettes is also a particularly practical option . Masters who do not have the time to prepare meals for their animals can thus turn to this quick and easy solution. They simply need to pour the ration that the dog needs in his bowl and let it empty. Whether the animal is entitled to 1, 2 (in adults) or 3 meals a day (in puppies), it is always easier to give him kibble.

Finally, croquettes, properly packaged in their bags, can be kept long and easy to store , without forgetting the economic aspect of the question. Generally, the price of kibble is, indeed, between 3 and 4 euros per kilogram.

Prefer high quality croquettes

In general, the big brands of croquettes are so many pledges of quality. We therefore prefer high-end products , offered by well-known brands, low cost food whose low prices must systematically encourage distrust.

Brands such as Orijen, Platinum, Acana, Carnilove, Purizon and Farmina are some of the most important values ​​of this market. For the most part, these high quality croquettes are developed with the help of specialists and veterinarians , so that they provide all the nutrients that dogs need according to their age, activity, state of health, etc.

The so-called premium kibble contain, moreover, proteins of excellent quality. The latter are better digested by dogs.

Choose croquettes adapted to the characteristics of your dog

Each dog has a specific type of kibble. The puppy does not have the same nutritional needs as an adult or elderly dog . Just as an animal suffering from a given disease can not feed in the same way as a congener in perfect health.

There are therefore a variety of types of kibble adapted to each of these specific conditions. Thus we find kibble puppy for the growth , others designed for adults and products less endowed with minerals, not to tire the kidneys of dogs senior .

The croquettes are also studied according to the weight of the dogs. Breeds of small, medium and large sizes have, indeed, products adapted to each of them. Owners of dogs suffering from certain pathologies can also find the appropriate kibble: low-salt products for animals prone to cardiac disorders, dietary kibbles for those suffering from obesity, etc.

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