Which treats to choose for your cat?

Posted on April 23 2019

Which treats to choose for your cat?-WOPET

There are greedy cats than others. Yours may have a big stomach. His daily ration, in croquettes or pate, is not enough for him. He enjoys sweet treats, as sweet as they are. Beware. Do not give in to temptation. This could play tricks, in the medium and long term, to your pet.

Who has never wanted to spoil his cat? There are hugs for that, caresses , marks of tenderness . There are also games , fun activities , walks , outings in the garden or on the terrace . And then there are the treats . Little more that should never become big, at the risk of putting the health of your cat in danger.

What treat to give your cat?

Some veterinarians have specially designed treats for cats . They can take different aspects . They are sometimes tender , mellow , or hard , crunchy . These treats are not made for humans, and so much the better. Above all, they have a scent that will attract your feline. They fit perfectly into their diet . These treats are not necessarily sweet and complement the traditional food . They guarantee the supply of minerals and vitamins. Yes, treats can be beneficial for your pet.

The treats to proscribe

All that is human food is to forget. Your cat should never eat leftovers like pieces of meat or fish . Do not give him a piece of ham , rind , and even milk that he does not digest, or cakes , sugars ... He will quickly know that what he eats everyday does not have the same taste than human food. He will come to claim , could be insistent . Do not start.

Moreover, this human food is bad for his health. It promotes fatness when it does not cause diarrhea or vomiting , or even food poisoning.


A candy does not carry that name if you give it to your cat every day, or several times daily. It must remain an object of covetousness , of reward . Your cat must deserve it through a good action , a good behavior . Thus, the candy must keep its rare appearance to please him more. By doing so, you will strengthen the complicity linking you to your pet.

What's more, by limiting the donation of treats , you will avoid making your feline fatter than necessary . Remember that his food ration , consisting of croquettes or pâté , is usually enough. He must also meet a regular physical activity in order not to be burdensome.

In summary

The treats for your cat should be given to him sparingly and intelligently . Do not get used to off the beaten track, composed of its traditional food . Otherwise, he will turn away for the benefit of little more. These must be reserved for the reward . In case your cat does a remarkable action. In addition, favor treats specially made for felines, and forget about human food, table scraps. Your cat may be suffering from serious health problems.

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