Why does my cat do that?

Posted on September 12 2018

Why does my cat do that?

Like all cat owners, we have already wondered: "But why does my cat do that? ".

I will try to decrypt here 10 recurring behaviors that we have all already observed at one time or another:

1,Why does he make his claws?

Before anything else, keep in mind that the cat's only defense is scratching.

His claws are therefore essential to defend and hunt.

In nature, without its claws, the cat can do nothing, feed, hide in the trees, or defend itself.

"Clawing" is an instinct, a primary need.

It allows him to sharpen his claws and bring down those who are dead and come off.

It's also a way to relax and stretch while marking its territory.

2,Why does it purr?

The purr of the cat means a lot of things. We think that this little noise is synonymous with well-being, but not only.purrs

A sick cat purrs, a frightened cat purrs and a happy cat purrs too.

The purr is a reassuring sound, it soothes and calm because it recalls the childhood of your cat and the time of feeding.

We even feel a certain well being listening to this sound, the ronrontherapy is more and more present in our societies.

3,Why does he "patoune"?
Your cat takes the time to massage, knead your knees or the cushion on which he is settling.

It's still a memory of his childhood. It's a moment of happiness for him, it reminds him of his mother's suckling.

He is just happy.

4,Why is he staring at me like this?

We are part of the environment of our cat, we are his family. It is therefore necessary for him to "watch" us.

He wants to protect us or he just admires us.

It's a sign of affection. We are important to him.

5,Why does he attack me during a hug?
He is on your knees, he purrs and seems to appreciate your caresses and all of a sudden, it's the claw and your cat goes away.

In fact, he has just enough. He has reached the limits and can not stand the contact, as if he had a maximum amount of caress bearable.

6,Why does he bring back dead animals?

Your cat is proud, cat hunterhe hunted, it's his instinct. He participates in the life of the family by bringing food.

He just wants to thank you and give you a present.

We must congratulate her cat. This is a sign of attachment.

7,Why does he make strange noises while watching the birds?
Have you ever heard your cat utter a jerky mewing, which does not look like a meow at all? He sees a bird and seems to call it with tooth snaps.

It is a meowing of excitement, something interests him but is at the same time inaccessible. There is therefore a mixture of excitement and annoyance.

8,Why does he always get high?

Always a question of instinct. In nature, the cat is predator and prey. He knows the best position to observe without being seen.

The highest point is often the safest place.

Your cat will always look for a place where he can monitor everything discreetly.

9,Why does he always want to enter the boxes?
No matter the size of your cat or the size of the box, your cat will try to enter it.

It's a game, but also his instinct that speaks. It's a safety issue, so it can hide from predators while watching prey.

Although there is little risk in our time, the boxes are comfortable and fun. Especially since the cardboard retains heat, and that's nice.

10,And the evening craziness?
The cat is a former wild animal, it is made to live outside and to be active and reactive during the day. We made it a sedentary cat, accustomed to its comfort: an apartment cat.

But your cat needs to get busy. And this little stroke of madness allows him to exercise, to spend a minimum before the next nap.

Finally, the reactions of your cat, his actions and his behavior in general are dictated by his instinct, his past prey but also predator.

He sometimes has strange reactions that we do not understand but are totally natural.

We can have fun or get angry but it's natural, our actions will change nothing!

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