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Why does my dog eat grass?

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Posted on May 21 2018

Some dogs seem simply to enjoy eating away in the grass. Some races even include it as part of their daily routine. And others tend to eat green stuff when it does not feel good.

Fortunately, most experts believe that this is not something that dog owners have to worry about. So, why do dogs on earth gobble green stuff in our gardens?

The root of the matter

1. Tummies gossip. Any dog ​​will look for a natural relief for a stomach with gas or discomfort, and the grass, apparently, does the trick. When swallowed, the leaves of the lawn tickle the dog's throat, as well as its stomach lining. This feeling causes the dog to vomit, especially when the grass has been swallowed instead of chewed. A sick dog will usually eat the herb in large bites and then vomit.

Although dogs usually do not graze on large amounts of grass such as cows, they can nibble on grass or chew on it for a while, and not vomit. While some dogs simply find the taste palatable to grass, other breeds do so to add some fiber to their usual diet.

2. Nutritional needs. Whatever the reason behind the X coordinate grass, most experts do not see anything wrong in letting a dog chew away. As a matter of fact, the herb contains some essential elements that a dog can really crave, especially if the animal has been on a commercial diet. Once you see what the herb or any other indoor plant eats, try introducing natural herbs or dog safety vegetables into your diet.

Watch for any sudden increase in grass-chewing, as it could be a warning sign of a more serious underlying disease condition that your puppy may be trying to self-treat. Of course, this will require immediate veterinary assistance.

If your dog is one that simply likes to graze, but is healthy and happy, it is enough that the grass he is eating has not been treated with chemicals or pesticides, which can actually be very harmful to Fido.

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