Why does my dog smell bad?

Posted on April 28 2018

Why does my dog smell bad?

Dogs have a smell of their own. We usually say that "it smells like a dog". Some fire a stronger smell than others. Sometimes we can detect smells from other dogs, but the smell of our own dog goes unnoticed.

Why do they "smell like a dog"?
While dogs do not sweat like people, they do secrete oils to keep their skin and coat healthy. These oils can accumulate and start to smell stronger in some situations like when your dog spends a lot of time outdoors. Dogs also produce secretions that help them identify with each other and mark their territory, and these scents are more noticeable near their ears or legs.

What if your dog smells more than "just a dog"?
If your dog has an unusual and unpleasant smell, it can be because of many other things. Allergies, for example, can increase natural secretions. Different fungi and bacteria can also cause bad odor, and these infections usually occur in the skin folds and ears.

Owners of dogs with more wrinkles, such as bulldogs, should clean the folds regularly and even daily, depending on how often they get dirty, with a damp cloth and dry them with soft cloth.

Like humans, dogs also produce wax in the ears and when it accumulates, it gives off an unpleasant odor. The wipes Earthbath ears are an effective way to keep their free alternative substances and dirt ears.

The area where the odor is dismissed is usually an indicator of what is wrong. For example, in a dog with bad breath, the cause may be the accumulation of plaque, tartar, mouth ulcers or other dental diseases. To prevent the formation of tartar, the Plaque Zapper will do the dirty work for you.

It is true that a bath is refreshing, but bathing yourself but often can cause skin problems such as dryness. It should not be necessary to bathe or bathe often to maintain a pleasant aroma.

If you feel that the bad smell is a constant problem, it is best to consult the veterinarian and make sure it is not a health problem.

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