Why does your dog like to sit on you?

Posted on April 10 2018

Why does your dog like to sit on you?

Almost all owners can ensure that their dogs love being with them. In fact, there are times that not only enjoy being with them, but on top of them . This is the case of the so-called lap puppies , those who love above all things rest a while on the legs of their owners (or on the feet or the back) .

However, it is not just a taste that small puppies have , but this preference is given in all sizes of dogs, even in the giant (which puts in real trouble-literally-to their owners).

But why is it that a dog wants to sit or lie on you? Is it a demonstration of affection or does it have to do with a dominant way of being , as some coaches have claimed for many years? The reality is that dogs like to sit on humans for different reasons and it is important that you detect why your dog performs this behavior.

Because he loves you (and because he likes you to love him)

Many dogs enjoy enormously snuggling with you (or about you) because it is a way to show you affection. If, in addition, every time you do it you reward him with caresses and nice words, you will be reinforcing his behavior, so he will not hesitate to approach you so that you can bathe him.

Because it is dominant

Some trainers, such as César Millán, say that when your dog sits on you, especially if it is firm and decided rather than affectionate, it is because your dog is being dominant with you. If you do not let other people or dogs get close or if when you try to remove it, get angry, growl, give "narizazos" (like "touches" with the snout) or have come to bite, it is important that you do not reinforce their behavior and do not let sit on you. In case the behavior continues, consider consulting with an ethologist, that is, a specialist in canine behavior.

To console you

If your dog sits on you when you are sad, afraid, sick or angry, it is most likely because he wants you to feel better. It's amazing how many things dogs can detect about our emotions , so it's not uncommon for your dog to perceive how you feel and want to comfort you.

It's mine

If your dog casually sits on you when visitors arrive at your house or when there are other dogs near him, it is very likely that your dog will do so to mark you and tell others that you are THE owner. Dogs have anal glands that give off a scent that dogs can detect, so that when they sit on you, they are putting an "odor trail" on you to make it clear to others who is who.

Because that's how he slept with his brothers

If you have ever seen a litter of puppies, you will have noticed that puppies love to sleep together, even on top of each other. It is a way to stay warm, as well as to feel safe and accompanied.

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