Why dogs lick and bite their legs

Posted on April 11 2018

Why dogs lick and bite their legs

A common behavior in many dogs is watching them lick or bite their legs compulsively during certain times of the day. If your dog does it for sure, you have noticed that suddenly they give you gusting spells where you literally can not stop doing it. The first thing to do is to know if your dog does it only suddenly or is something chronic that always does .

Do you know why he does it?

There is more than one answer and it is important that you discard any medical problem so that you can make sure that your dog does not feel bad.

If your dog suddenly started to lick or bite a leg, some of the reasons may be that he has hurt himself with something, that something has stuck between his fingers, that a nail has broken, that he has a splinter in his legs or that a tick is stuck there.

To know if this is the problem, just check the leg carefully and if you find any of the above reasons, help him.

If your dog does this constantly and has already checked your legs and has nothing and has done it for a long time already, the reason is probably an allergy. Many dogs develop food allergies and this leads to infections of fungi or bacteria on the legs that can make them itchy.

To find out if you have an allergy to food, do the test by changing the diet for at least 8 weeks and see if this improves. Grain-free croquettes are a good alternative for dogs with allergies. It can also be an allergy to pollen or grass and if this is the case, apple cider vinegar can help your dog a lot . Here we tell you how it works and what dose to give it to.

Another reason why dogs can bite their legs is because they like it. It's that simple There are dogs that enjoy the sensation of licking or biting their legs. What usually happens in these cases is that they had some disease that caused them to lick or bite their legs and despite being cured, they realized that they like to bite and lick their legs.

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