Why Every Pet Owner Needs a Smart Feeder

Posted on September 25 2018

Why Every Pet Owner Needs a Smart Feeder

A smart feeder is an amazing piece of technology for anyone with furry family members. They are extremely easy and simple to use, and they can provide a huge range of benefits for you and your family.

A smart feeder enables you to feed your pet at any time of the day

It could be a case of not being able to get home in time for your pets dinner, maybe you have two dogs and one is extra greedy, or you would prefer for your pet to eat often throughout the day. For whatever reason, this enables you to decide when to feed your pet. You can either set it automatically before you go out, or manually from your phone! So even if you forget in the morning you can set it for your pet to have food from any location.

It lets you control how much food your pet is given

Pets can be greedy. We’ve all had them, and love them for it. But it can make controlling how much they eat difficult. Especially if you have more than one pet, one of which loves their food a little too much, only one may get all the food, and probably as soon as you’ve left the house. A smart feeder gives you full control over how much your pet gets each time. There are a number of different options, so it could just be small nibbles right up to a main meal sized portion.

You can check that your pet is ok when you’re out

Have you ever got held up at work? Or your train has been cancelled and you’ve been unable to get home? This can be stressful anyway, without the added worry of our little furry friends being at home alone. We all have those moments where we wish we could check on them to make sure they are safe. With this device though you can! It allows you, through your phone with a connected app, to see your pet (even at night), and as often as you would like too. Or maybe you even have a slightly naughty dog who you would like to make sure hasn’t nibbled his way through anymore of your furniture. J

You can talk to your pet even when you’re not at home

When we’re out it can be hard not to miss our pets, and also worry how they are coping with us not being at home. With the Smart Feeder you are able to chat away with your pet all day long if you wish to, from any location! You just need to have your phone with you and the app connected. This can be especially amazing for pets that suffer from separation anxiety or get very stressed when we are not at home. With this you are able to reassure them and let them know that you are there.

 It can allow you to play with your pet

During the day pets can become bored, but with a smart feeder you no longer need to worry about this. This device enables you to play with your pet throughout the day. You can also do some training exercises, by giving the commands, and using the feeder to give some treats as rewards. This is a great way of providing your pets with both physical and mental activities. And it also makes your commute much more enjoyable.

You can use multiple feeders at the same time

You may have lots of pets, or one pet that likes to potter around different rooms in your house. You are able to connect the app to different devices, so if you decide to have one for each pet or a couple in different rooms you are able to control them all through your one phone. J 

It can give you piece of mind

The Smart Feeder is there to help you keep in touch with your pets. But it can also provide you with piece of mind for your home. This is not a security item, but with the camera and sound, you are able to check in on you home and make sure that everything is looking how it should.


We all love our furry friends, and we couldn’t be without them, they are a massive part of our lives. It can be hard not to worry about them, especially when out and about. With the WOPET Timer Programmable Smart Feeder LY-97 you are able to relieve some of this worry. You get a 100,000,0 pixels and 120 °  view angle camera with infrared technology. The feeder is smartly presented and is able to fit neatly in any room in the house. It is also very easy to set up, which is always brilliant to know. We truly recommend this amazing product for all pet owners.

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