Why is my dog biting?

Posted on November 20 2018

Why is my dog biting?

This is the biggest problem for a master. To have a biting dog is to be always alert. You want to place all your trust in your pet, in your dog, also called the best friend of man. But here it is, it bites and you do not know what to do.

The young puppy who plays

A little puppy playing is fun. He nibbles you as he nibbles his brothers or his mother during a game phase . But be careful, you have to know how to put an end to it. Your dog must learn that the bite hurts and that he should not play with his jaw.

To educate him, he should not be beaten when he bites you, he might feel assaulted and he would develop aggressive behavior himself. It's the opposite of what you want to do. The best thing is to do like when playing with other dogs: you utter a sharp cry to signify your pain and you stop the game. Repeat this operation regularly.


The excitement is similar to the behavior of the young puppy who starts to bite without knowing that it hurts. It's up to you to teach him to stop . If your dog suddenly starts biting you while you play, stop the game and ignore it. However, plan for your dog to have something to play with, as it does not make him unhappy with boredom either.

So-called endogenous suffering: your dog suffers from the inside

A dog that hurts is a dog that feels aggrieved. He defends himself by the attack . No need to reprimand him: he is suffering. It is better to warn your entourage that he is not well and that he should not be bothered. Reassure him and find a quiet place for him to relax.

The so-called exogenous suffering: your dog suffered a small trauma

The kids love to play with the dog of the house. Only they are not always tender and may hurt him. Your dog is not aggressive, but when he is attacked himself, he pulls out his teeth . He knows he must not attack a human because you have educated him well, but if he suffers a trauma, he will eventually bite the culprit.

Explain to the children that you need to be gentle and caring even during play. Also reassure your dog that they are children.

The fear

Many factors can come to frighten your dog. A stranger entering your house , someone approaching your bag or an object that belongs to you. Your dog will be scared and may bite to defend you .

Show your dog that you are the master and that, therefore, it is up to you to decide whether or not there is danger . To do this, educate him to bring a stranger home and keep him away from him. If he gets excited or barks, ignore him.

Role reversal

If you have not trained your dog, he may want to reverse the roles and take your place as master. So the bite will mean that he is asking you to do something . Be careful, you do not have to answer his requests, but the opposite.

In this case, start or repeat training. Play with him when you decide and stop in the same way. Have it routinely pass after you, make it eat after you, have it walk behind you. So he will understand that you are the master and he must obey you.


The last case to be evoked is that of the bite training . Indeed, some dogs are trained to bite on command. It is the instrumented bite. This training involves a lot of risks. It is indeed difficult to protect your entourage against possible aggressive behavior of this dog trained for aggression .

It can not be repeated enough: a dog is not made to bite or attack. If he does, he is showing a problem. It's up to you to decode it and make sure it does not happen again.

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