Why is my dog eating poop?

Posted on May 14 2018

Why is my dog eating poop?

It's not fun to be your dog and have them stop to eat a less-than-tasty snack: poop. For pet owners it is amazing why your puppy wants to eat something that is disgusting.

Usually, there is a good explanation. For example, did you know that it is normal for a dog to eat poop as a cleaning behavior? Some dogs eat breast feces to make sure everything is clean for their babies.

However, if your dog does not have puppies and is still eating poop, do not worry. Often there is a good reason and an easy remedy. The first step is to understand why this gross problem is happening.

Take a good look at your puppy's diet.

Talk to your veterinarian and make sure your puppy is not eating poop due to his diet. Some dogs eat poop to compensate for the nutrients they are not getting, which can cause them to feel hungry. If a dog feels hungry, and so can eat poop to fill their stomachs.

Read the back of your pet's food bag to see what kind of nutrients and minerals are inside. Look for foods in which the main ingredient is meat.

Dog poop can look and smell very similar to the food you may be eating. Eating poop can seem like a bad habit, but it could also be your dog trying to say that they need more nutrients. If there is any doubt, take your dog to the vet to see if they are adequately fed.

If your puppy often feels hungry, it is usually feeding that it is okay to make them more. Just be careful not to feed them more than their small bodies need.

Make sure you do not get bored.

Dogs chained in a yard or kennel for long periods of time tend to eat poop more often. This could be your dog's way of treating (1) cleaning the small area that is allowed and (2) keeping busy.

If you have a race that tends to like having things in your mouth, make sure poop is not one of them. Buy some of your favorite toys (or some new and interesting ones). It can take a bit of trial and error to find a toy your puppy likes a lot, so do not be afraid to experiment with a few.

Being left alone often without a partner to play with can also lead a dog to eat a bit of poop. If you are leaving the puppy alone for a while while you are at work, turn on the television or radio, so you hear some background noise. Leave toys around to play, too.

Train her not to eat poop

Eliminate any possibility of them eating poop by cleaning their waste immediately. On walks, avoid other poop stacks if you can, and do not allow yourself to poop for a long time.

If they start to approach and smell the poop, tell them to "leave it!" Or make some sharp noise to get your attention. Be consistent with your tongue and your dog will pick up healthy habits more quickly.

Distract your dog while they are near aft by giving a treat or telling them to do something else. They think that eating poop is less exciting then. On walks, make sure you always have at hand try to reward good behavior.

Do not punish your dog by pushing his nose down the stern. They will become fearful and eat the poop to hide it from you. Take a comprehension approach and make your puppy feel comfortable. They do not want to poop at home that they do not want to upset you!

Talk to your veterinarian about how to get some products to help your puppy stop eating poop. For example, for the tender is a preventive stool to eat that can be used if other methods have not worked.

Sprinkle finely ground black pepper, crushed hot pepper or lemon juice in all the feces that your dog commonly found. Do not allow water for up to 30 minutes after eating, since the water will wash the bad taste in your mouth.

If your dog is eating kittens' poop, try a dog-proof sandbox. Place the litter box in a separate room that the dog is not allowed to be in.

Pay special attention to your puppy. As they begin to smell the poop, make an annoying noise out loud, just like an air horn, to scare the dog away from the stern. Keep up with this training and you will eventually associate eating poop with that noise.

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