Why is my dog's hair standing on end?

Posted on April 10 2018

Why is my dog's hair standing on end?

Surely you've noticed that there are certain times when your dog's hair stands on end , especially near his neck. Although you do not believe it, the cause of this reaction is not necessarily aggression or anger , but it can be another type of emotion. Hair bristling in dogs is the closest thing to when humans experience "goose bumps" or "chinita skin".


Most of the time we see that our dog's hair bristles, we think it has to do with an attitude of aggression, ready to attack. This is true as long as your ears are also fully back. This means that your dog is ready to fight.


If a dog's hair is pointing directly up the entire line of his back, it may be because he feels a mixture of anxiety and fear. Something in the environment may have aroused his interest, causing him anxiety. The hair is a sign that he is fully alert.


In many cases, hair bristling on a dog means that it is trying to intimidate or impose on another dog or person near it. It is even possible that he is preparing to attack physically. If that is the case, he would also be grunting or showing his teeth. So be careful if you are the one standing in front of you.


If the hedgehog hair is in the spine and in the neck part near the head it can also mean that it is on the defensive. That is, it is ready to react and defend itself against any type of intrusion. Also, it will be placed in a protective position, a little curved, coiled tail and ears back.


Even if you do not believe it, not all the reasons why your hair stands on end are negative, it can also mean nervousness and emotion in a positive way, like when you have just met another dog. Surely he wants to play. When the reaction is negative, bristling hair is accompanied by other gestures such as the erect or stooped posture, grunts, ears backwards and / or the curled tail. But when it comes to a positive reaction, you will see that although the hair stands on end, it shows signs of emotion and happiness.

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