Why is the daily walk with your dog so important?

Posted on April 15 2018

Why is the daily walk with your dog so important?

We all know that you have to walk the dogs and, in fact, this is one of the things that everyone says they will do when you have the idea of ​​keeping a dog in the family and yet, in practice, there are few owners who have the discipline to do it.

Therefore, some of the reasons why daily walk with your dog is so important that you give yourself some time to walk your dog every day:

1,It is your main source of exercise

No matter if your dog plays a lot or you have a garden at home, the walk should be your main source of exercise and there is no other activity that can replace it. In general, a dog needs between half an hour of daily walk to burn the energy that has accumulated and obtain the benefits of exercise. In addition, the walks will also keep you active and healthy.

2,It helps you bond with you

There is no better way for your dog to feel attached to you than with the daily walk. Walking with your dog, if you do it correctly , helps reinforce your leadership and, even if you do not believe it, it helps your dog to trust you more and, therefore, to follow your orders more because it respects you more.

3,It keeps you entertained

The walk is a way to stimulate your dog both physically and mentally. A bored dog will tend to have destructive behaviors, to be anxious, to bark and, sometimes, even to be aggressive. Avoid scolding and braking and better walk your dog daily.

4,Creates discipline and is an opportunity to reinforce training

When going out for a walk daily you will be creating a routine that will give stability to your dog (and you too). In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to reinforce the training if you do it correctly: walk together, walk at your speed, stop and sit before crossing streets, walk until you give the order, etc. Always remember to alternate moments of discipline with others of leisure in which you can sniff or live with other dogs.

5,Helps you socialize with other dogs

If your dog finds it hard to take with other dogs, walking in "herd" can be a great option for you to start socializing with them. If you have several dogs, take them for a walk together and, if not, you can organize a tour group with your neighbors who also have a dog. You will see that, with perseverance and discipline, your dog will make good friends very soon.

6,It keeps you healthy and in your weight

An overweight dog is not a healthy dog ​​and being fat makes it susceptible to many diseases. Help him stay in line by walking with him daily. In addition, the walk will make your digestion regularized, so if you have constipation, it is a great way to eliminate it.

7,It tires you and makes you sleep better

This is one of the great advantages of the ride. Your dog will return extremely tired, eat well and sleep even better. And what do you think? That these exercise sessions will also do the same for you.

As you can see, walking with your dog is one of the best things you can do for him and for you, so from today he is ready to wear a necklace, a bag to pick up the poop and a leash to leave even half an hour every day.

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