Why support associations that offer guide dogs to the blind?

Posted on September 12 2018

Why support associations that offer guide dogs to the blind?

The blind are suffering from a significant loss of autonomy. Indeed, their visual handicap can put them in danger. In this context, they need almost permanent assistance to live in total independence. To be accompanied by a  guide dog blind  is then unavoidable. The training of this animal however requires a substantial sum. Fortunately, some associations provide the needy guide dogs for free.

The guide dog of the blind: more than a pet
This animal assists the visually impaired person. It can thus regain a certain autonomy in everyday life. Indeed, a blind person can not go outside his house and go to the restaurant whenever he wants. The blind guide dog then intervenes to accompany individuals suffering from total blindness. This canine companion will help his masters to avoid obstacles.

However, the training of these animals is long, thorough and very expensive. No detail will be overlooked during this process. The behavior of the dog will greatly affect the  safety of the blind . If the animal is easily distracted, it may not fulfill its role. For this purpose, many simulations will have to be organized.

This type of training requires a budget of over $20,000. Fortunately, some associations specialize in this area and offer guide dogs to people with visual disabilities.

How to support associations?
The structures that decided to take charge of the training of these animals are non-profit. They depend entirely on subsidies granted by the state. Donations are also used to finance their activities. These are all reasons why these associations seek a gesture from individuals. Joining their solidarity channel will help to help the blind. Aid is essential for these organizations to sustain their actions. Everyone can become a volunteer,  make a legacy  or contribute by hand. There are many ways to support the institutions involved.

The use of the funds will be totally transparent. Moreover, several organizations intervene to control the accounting of associations that receive various donations.

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