Why You Need A Pet Car Booster Seat

Posted on April 27 2019

Why You Need A Pet Car Booster Seat-WOPET

Pet booster seats are vital for anyone who has a little furry family member, and who loves to go on adventures with them! They are easy to use, comfortable for your pet, can look beautiful and reassure you that you and your pet are as safe as possible when in the car. We love these and have put together a list of our top reasons for why you should own one.   

You no longer need to worry about your pet distracting you when driving

Dogs love coming on outings with us! It can be a super exciting experience for them, and it is always lovely to see them looking so happy. But this can sometimes become a problem in the car. Pets don’t understand that their wonderful excitement can cause distractions to us when driving. It might be due to them leaping around, trying to get a fuss from us, licking our faces or trying to crawl into our laps. But by having our pets tucked up safely in their booster seats, we can be assured that they will not be able to distract us in these ways, leaving us to concentrate on the road ahead. They will be contently contained in their seats, and some of these boosters are so comfortable, the chances are your loveable pets won’t even have any wishes to move from them.

You could be breaking the law without one

In some countries it is against the law to drive without your pet being suitable restrained. In the United Kingdom, with accordance to Rule 57 of the Highway Code, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure this. This means that your pet should be restrained enough to prevent them from being able to distract or injure you, or themselves, during an emergency stop. This is vital for both of your safety. But it is also important that your beloved pet is restrained in the car in a suitable way, so that they are comfortable and can still enjoy the ride. A pet booster seat is perfect for this as it provides them with both comfort and safety!

You know your pet is as safe as possible when in the car

None of us like to consider the worst, but if a car accident were to happen we need to know that our pets are as safe as possible. A pet booster seat does this by keeping them well restrained. The booster seat comes with a strap to connect to your car seat, and a lock catch to connect your dog’s collar to. This means if something were to happen your pet is less likely to be thrown forward. Even when we have to stop suddenly this can happen, and it can be frightening for both us and our pets when they are thrown onto the floor of the car. A booster seat helps to prevent this from happening.

Your pet has a comfortable place to rest

We all get fidgety and uncomfortable on long car journeys. Bad backs, and achy necks can be a right pain, and it’s hard to avoid them when in the car for long periods of time. But have you ever considered that it is also uncomfortable for your pet? They are often moving around trying to find a comfortable position to have a little sleep in. A booster seat, especially a deluxe one, can solve this problem. They provide an extremely comfortable place for your dog to sit, and your little pooch can curl up in comfy ball, and enjoy the ride in style.



Being out and about with all the family is one of the most wonderful ways to spend your time. But it’s essential to ensure that all of your family members, including your little furry ones, are as safe as possible, meaning less worrying and more time to enjoy your special moments together. Booster seats are a perfect way of helping with this, and we highly recommend the WOPET DELUXE PET BOOSTER SEAT . This beautiful seat is 15.7 x 12.2 x 7.8 inches in diameter and can hold small animals up to 20lbs. It is extremely comfortable for your pet to sit in, and it even has an interior pad which is machine washable, just incase any muddy paws make their way on to it. J It has a zippered front, making it nice and easy for your dog to pop in and out of, and is extremely easy to fold up when not in use. It also still allows your pet the freedom to enjoy looking out of the window as you drive along. We 100% recommend this product for any owners with pets who love to travel!

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