why you should take your dog tail injury seriously

Posted on May 04 2018

why you should take your dog tail injury seriously

You have noticed that there is something wrong with your dog's tail. Maybe it's constantly falling. Maybe he's biting raw. You might have noticed that it looks bigger than normal. These are all possible indicators that something bad happens in the back of your dog, and that you must call to action.

The injuries of the tail of dog are not rare, but they are not for the weak of heart

It is not so rare that a dog suffers a tail injury. However, that does not mean that the disease is less frightening when it was initially found. This is particularly the case if there is a wound or hemorrhage involved.

The tail of a dog is more than just a strange bulge - it is an extension of the spine that is loaded with nerves and blood vessels. However, the blood flow to this part of the body is not so great, and the consequent lack of coagulation ability can cause a tail wound blood for a long period. This problem can be further aggravated if your dog bites and chews on the cut or wound that is the source of the blood continuously.

What can I do to stop the bleeding of the dog?

If you see that your dog's tail is broken or twisted, do not try to establish it by yourself. However, if you notice that your dog's problem is derived from bleeding, then you can wrap it carefully with a bandage. This requires the right tools, and it is a deliberate process, so you will only try this process if you have the patience to do so.

What are some of the other injuries the tail a dog can suffer from?

In the grand scheme of things, most canine tail injuries are not that horrible. However, a broken, fractured, or even deeply bruised tail can be quite painful for a dog. Remember, there is a piece of bone sheathed inside that spongy lock of flesh!

With that being said, a tail of wounded could be an indicator of some particularly unpleasant injuries or diseases. A tail that is inert, does not wiggle it, or barely gets out of the way when he has to do his business can be a sign of several ailments that may demand his immediate attention. This is because the subject in question does not always depend on the tail at all - it may be due to something to do in your hindquarters.

Treatment and post-Care for dogs with a lesion in the dog's tail

If your dog's injury is simply a cut or a bite wound, there are several outpatient treatments that you and your veterinarian can provide. Antiseptic ointments and topical creams can be both vital tools to help prevent infection. If the dog causes injury to itself due to a flea or tick problem, do what you can to treat the issue at its creepy, creepy root.

It is almost as important to take care of your dog's behavior once you have the tail problem under control, as it is to address the issue in the first place. If you do wrap your dog's tail with a bandage, be sure to change the wrapper every two or three days to promote healing. If you are afraid that your dog may continue to pinch in the tail during the healing process, you can always turn off the wrapping with bitter apple spray or have your dog don an Elizabethan collar.

Do not be scared - It's probably not so bad!

Due to the injury of a dog's tail tends to bleed for a long period, he could go crazy for the incident quite easily. After all, it is an unpleasant looking injury. However, it is best to take a deep breath and keep your wits about you, because it is probably not all that is wrong in the grand scheme of things.

Remember, most tail injuries are minor in nature. Yes, they can be an indicator of something more cowardly that hides in your hindquarters, but those injuries only represent a fraction of the ailments related to the tail-that your dog might be suffering. As such, it is advisable that you do not jump to conclusions - your dog will not be able to say it, but you can bet that you will be grateful for your coldness under fire.

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