Why your dog destroys his toys

Posted on April 03 2018

Why your dog destroys his toys

As the owner you know that the life span of a dog toy always ends in "he ate it" or "destroyed it" and we have resigned ourselves to this being the normal thing.

The reality is that it is not that your dog is a machine of mass destruction of toys, all dogs do it to some extent, and these are some of the reasons why this happens:

1. Your dog is bored

Dogs need, in addition to daily physical activity, mental activity. This means that dogs also need to be mentally stimulated so they do not get bored. Imagine that you were only taken for a walk but you did not have any other activity in the day, you would get very sick. That's why in boring classes or meetings you always end up making pieces of paper or scratching a notebook with meaningless scribbles.

Hence the importance of your dog having a job and feel useful. Here are several simple tasks that you can teach him that can keep him busy and stimulated. Also do not forget that a tired dog is a happy dog ​​so daily exercise is very important for the physical and mental health of your dog.

2. Your dog learned to eat his toys

Yes, there is a part in which it was you who taught him that this was fun. This usually starts when they are puppies and the typical game we have with them is to pull and release a toy and they also realize how we celebrate those tender noises and faces while they tear apart the little bear we gave them. The dogs learn that this is a game that their owners like and they also find the pleasure to bite without control and destroy their toys.


3. Your dog destroys it because he likes it

We must not forget that dogs are natural hunters and that for them a toy is a prey to be hunted. This is especially true for those toys that make a noise when they are bitten. For them this triggers the hunter instinct and that's why they do not stop until the whistle is blown and when this happens, they lose interest.

If your dog is the one that destroys all the toys you have given him, you can try to give him one made of rubber that are usually more resistant and also avoid leaving your stuffed animals or toys at your reach because you saw that he can not control it and he's going to eat them

Another important tip is to take care that your dog's toys do not have small pieces that can be swallowed or stuffed with small balls because they hurt them a lot.

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