Win the love and confidence of your dog in 3 steps

Posted on November 15 2018

Win the love and confidence of your dog in 3 steps

It is not a dog that we will learn to love. He does it naturally, because he is whole and sincere, as much when he appreciates someone or something as when he does not like it. And to be loved by his canine companion, that can be learned.

It is enough to give him love , respect , affection and attention to receive it in return. It is therefore by understanding him, taking care of him and devoting time to him that one manages to win the love of his dog.

How? Here are 3 main steps to guide you ...

1/3. Ensure that it is well integrated into your family

1. Establish clearly its place and role. Like their ancestors, dogs need a good social organization within your family. And in this one, it is the master, so you, who must be able to make the dog understand that he has a full place in the family. Only then will he respect you and love you. Be a loving, caring and protective person at the head of your family; it will reassure your pet and push him to follow you no matter what.

2. Consistency and consistency. These are the two key words. Your dog expects you to act as a trusted person. He needs to feel it to obey you, respect you and not get into a state of confusion. Be consistent and consistent by setting limits not to exceed, by maintaining bans (which is not allowed one day should never be tolerated later) and congratulating him when he acts in the right direction.

3. Do not neglect his socialization. Dogs must be able to meet congeners, other animals and humans. Thus, he can become accustomed to the presence of other beings and does not become anxious by crossing them. Socialization is a fundamental aspect of canine education. It largely determines his behavior.

2/3. Ensure his education and learning

1. Adapt the way you communicate. Use simple, clear words and postures to help your dog understand what you want from him. Also learn to decipher his body language .

2. Teach him to obey basic orders. In order for your dog to behave properly, you need to teach him a number of basic commands, such as "sitting", "lying down", "walking" , etc. At the same time, make sure to correct as it goes along, such as stubbornness, fear or aggression, by calling him firmly to order, but without brutality.

3. Adopt a soft intonation when you talk to him. Your dog is very sensitive to the tone you use when talking to him. Regardless of the content, it will easily perceive your joy or anger according to your intonation, and react accordingly. Communicate your kindness and love by speaking to him in a calm voice.

4. Reward good behavior. Rather than punishing him, bet on positive reinforcement to encourage him more effectively to act in the right way. Caresses and treats are your best assets during education. So your 4-legged friend will be happy to make you happy by obeying you.

5. Call him to order, but do not chastise him. Punishments can be counterproductive. If he makes a mistake in your presence (afterwards, it will be useless because he will not make the link), reprimand him by sending him a "no" firm. No cry, no violence.

3/3. Take good care

1. Be affectionate when he behaves well. Never deprive your dog of your affection, but know how to give it to him at the right time: when his behavior is good. If you caress him and congratulate him when he has just made a mistake, you only reinforce his feeling of going in the right direction, while it is not the case.

2. Bet on the caresses. It's no secret that dogs love caresses. There is nothing like the latter to strengthen your complicity, because they do him a lot of good. Just learn what areas your pet likes to be fondled for and where they do not like to be touched.

3. Also bet on treats . They are perfect not only for learning but also for enhancing your interest in you. Dogs are not ungrateful, quite the opposite. Be careful not to abuse it. The risk of obesity is never far away. Book treats to education.

4. Share activities. Physical exercise is good for you as much as for your dog. He needs to work, to work his muscles, his coordination, his cardiorespiratory system and his senses. Walking, jogging and other disciplines (agility, frisbee dog, etc.) to 2 can, moreover, strengthen your links.

5. Play with your dog. Spending time and sharing good times with your dog is essential for his emotional balance. And that will only increase his love for you. Do not miss any opportunity to play with him.

6. Let him stay in touch. He needs you to stay close to him, to feel your warmth. He will love to nap by your side, observe you or just know that you are present at his side.

7. Give him toys . For fun, evacuate stress and fight against boredom, your dog needs objects of his own. A chewing bone, a ball or any other suitable toy (beware of toxic substances and objects that could hurt or make him sick) would be perfect for him.

8. Take care of your diet. Make sure that what you eat is as good for your health as it is for what you like. By feasting, you will more easily get his affection and gratitude.

9. Brushing and grooming. Your dog loves to be brushed. The effect is comparable to the caress and gives him so much well-being. At the same time, it ensures hygiene and rid of dead hair. The brushing and grooming sessions are also excellent moments of exchange and complicity.

10. Scratch her belly. Again, this is a treatment that most dogs love. Moreover, yours will not fail to make you understand by putting on the back.

11. Do not hesitate to bend down by addressing him. From time to time, kneel or squat to be at his level and give him affection.

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