Wish You Could See Your Pet All The Time? Well Now You Can, With This Smart Pet Treat Dispenser

Posted on September 30 2019

Wish You Could See Your Pet All The Time? Well Now You Can, With This Smart Pet Treat Dispenser

One of the biggest practical concerns that pet owner’s may face, is that as much as we may want to spend all day spending time with our pets, most of us have work or other commitments that require us to leave our pets behind. In the event that this happens, it is still very important that your pet is fed, but it’s also important that your pet realizes that even though you may be away, you haven’t forgotten about them. This has been a challenge for pet owners for awhile now, so I was alittle shocked when I discovered a solution. Since I my dog was recently put on a very strict wet food diet, I had to have a friend and coworker of mine test WOpet’s new Smart Pet Camera and dry food feeder themselves, but let’s just say they came away very impressed.

Here are some of their takeaway’s below:

Check out the WopetSmart Pet Camera for yourself via Amazon. It’s got a full HD Night vision camera, with built in audio and visual communication, so you can essentially skype your dog or cat from anywhere! 

For starters, he came away impressed with how easy and intuitive it was to set up the camera using the free Wopet app. Apparently, as soon as you download the phone app and fill the feeder with dry food, you can “toss” out treats remotely and give voice commands. Imagine how excited your dog or cat would be if they heard your voice when it comes time to find, even if you can’t be around all day!

Another important concern to my friend, was that Bailey (his Dog) didn’t get so excited that she broke the feeder. These concerns were immediately alleviated by how stable the base of the feeder was and how firmly it sticks to the ground.

The camera image is apparently pretty crisp too, with a wide angle not only letting you view your pet, but also the entire room surrounding the feeder, functioning as a de-facto security camera as well as an easy to use feeder.

The feeder and pet camera was an instant favorite with my friend and Bailey, but after reaching out to WOpet, I have confirmed that all Smart Pet Camera’s come with a 12 month warranty and 24/7 tech support, meaning you can be sure your product will work as intended and that you and your pet are satisfied.

Best of all, if you look on the Amazon product page, it looks like this Smart Pet Camera is on sale for just $139.95, but right now you can save $10 off by applying the coupon on the product page.

Get the WOpet Smart Pet Camera:Dog Treat Dispenser, Full HD WiFi Pet Camera for just $129.95 today with free Prime Shipping and returns 

So what are you waiting for? I am in the process of ordering one for my aunt and her new cat just in time for her birthday, and if all goes well, I may have to buy even more WoPet products.

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