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Wopet pet feeder compared

Wopet pet feeder compared

Wopet was founded in 2015 and focus on producing innovative and convenient automatic pet feeder.After years of development,we have 7 types auto pet feeder now which can meet most pet parents automatic feeding demands. But it may be confusing when choosing wopet feeder on our website especially if you never use auto pet feeder before.

I have posted the beginner’s guide for choosing the automatic pet feeder. I would like to divided these wopet pet feeders into several categories according to whether have wifi or camera or not. So you can have a quick review.


Pet parents who want video monitor when away from home

Model:D01 VS FV01

If you do not require night vision and treat tossing, FV01 with automatic feeding function will be a good choice for starter to buy pet camera. If you already have a smart pet feeder and want to find a professional pet camera, D01 is for you.

Pet parents who want pet feeder with app wifi


Programming a feeder through an App is so much easier.If you don't want to deal with timers, wopet have FV01 feeder so far. Come with two different size dispenser wheel,you can change the dispenser wheel to control the portion size. 6L dry food capacity meet most pet’s demand. Schedule 6 different meal time every day to maintain a healthy diet for your dogs.

Pet parents who want pet feeder with automatic feeding function only

Model:M66 VS F02 VS F05 VS F01

There are different food capacity dog and cat timed feeder for you to choose. You need to set the meal time and portion size with programmable timer. M66 is highly recommended if you are the first time to try a timed pet feeder. M66 can schedule 4 meal time and have 2.5L food capacity with the price of $52.95. Though the food capacity is smallest,it is good for cat and small dog.Besides,If you’re not plan to to out for long time,it would be a good choice.

if you have adequate budget,F01 is a good timed dog feeder to consider. It have the largest 7L food capacity.What’s more,two portion size wheels are also available to change the each portion size as you want.

F02 and F05 have similar 4L food capacity and price( F02 $69.95/F05 $72.95). F05 is our new model with updated LCD program panel which is easier to set the meal time and meal size. F05 can schedule 2 more meal times than F02. F05 is recommended to you if you want to have a middle size food capacity.

Pet parents who want to feed wet food

Model:Wopet 2 meal timed pet feeder with ice pack

Use the ice pack to keep food fresh.Simply keep the ice pack in your freezer while your feeder is not in use.When ready to use,lift up removable food tray and place underneath.The supplied ice pack will keep wet food fresh for up to 48 hours depending on the ambient temperature.

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