You would never believe what makes your dog sneeze

Posted on April 10 2018

You would never believe what makes your dog sneeze

Did you know that dogs can be trained to sneeze when you ask them? It is one of the most difficult tricks that you can teach but if you have patience, you can.

However, just as there are certain things that make you sneeze, dogs also have things that cause sneezing that do nothing to us.

According to a report published in 1973, fireflies can cause dogs to sneeze . The fireflies have chemical defenses to prevent them from attacking parasites, these defenses, when the dogs smell them, they cause sneezing.

Dogs, like you, sneeze when they are cold and also in 1992 in Finland published a report of a golden retriever that had mites on his nose and that caused chronic sneezing. How did you find out? Because the mites came out through his nose.

They can also sneeze with excitement and when they have an allergy to something , just as happens with people who suffer from allergies.

A sneeze here and there is fine, but if your dog can not stop sneezing or sneezing much more than usual, it's time to visit the vet to make sure everything is fine.

And yes, a dog sneezing is one of the most tender things in the world. Here we leave some to put in a good mood and forget the mites.

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