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WOPET Timer Programmable Smart Feeder LY-97

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FEED YOUR PET ANYTIME ANYWHERE: Your best pet sitter, remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly.Moreover, it also works as a smart pet camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, play with your pet.


  • Product size: 8.3 inch x 13-inch x 15 inch (with tray ) 
  • Camera: 100,000,0 pixels, view angle 120° 
  • Food requirement: only for dry food and the size should between 0.2-0.6 inch 
  • Hopper capacity:3.8L 
  • Rated Voltage: 110-240V 
  • Power adapter voltage: 5V/2A 
  • APP client: Android 4.0 or above, IOS: 7.5


  • 1*WOPET Smart Pet Feeder 
  • 1*Power Adapter 
  • 1*Manual

How to use:

1. When connecting failed:
①Please make sure you power it with DC power. It could not connect to wifi when powered by batteries, Power on the AC adapter and remember to slide the switch to "on" position.
②Please make sure your home wifi name and password are correct (avoid any unnecessary blank space)
③Please make sure your home wifi setting allows the feeder to connect by password.
④Please make sure the wifi signal is strong, you could put it closer to the wifi router.


1. Connecting To Wifi
- Make sure the WOPET feeder is turned on and plugged into a wall outlet
- Connect your iOS/Android device to your home/business wifi and open the WOPET app
- When prompted enter the correct wifi password in the WOPET app
- Your home/business wifi signal needs to be a 2.4GHz signal. If needed, move the feeder closer to the wifi router

2. Downloading the App
- Method 1: Search “WOPET” in the Apple App or Google Play store
- Method 2: Scan the QR code in the user manual, or sides of the feeder, to download

3. Connect Multiple Pet Feeders
- You can connect up to 4 WOPET feeders using the app and control all 4 from one device.

4. Can I connect my smartphone to multiple feeders at the same time?
yes! one user can control four of these units with the same device and app.

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