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Warranty Issue

Dose WOpet come with a warranty?

Yes! Wopet comes with a one year warranty starting from the date of shipping.If online purchases made through wopetshop.com break down within one year in the period of proper use, our customers will have a full replacement thanks to the relevant warranty.

My pet got some health problems.

We are a pet products supplier, just sell products but can’t provide with service medicine for animals. You can check the recommended links listed on our websites, they were maybe helpful. But we suggest if your pet sick, it’s better to take him/her to vet.

Connection Issue

What is the reason for cellphone connection failure and how to handle it?

1) Confirm that the WiFi indicator is always on, first exclude if your network is a 5G router. It does not support 5G, please use the 2.4G network to connect.
2) Next, put the device close to the router distance (1-4 meters best, make sure no barriers), if the APP still can’t be connected, try to restart the router.
3) Make sure your WiFi password is correct, and pay attention that wifi password input keyboard characters might automatically add spaces.
4) If you have tried all the solutions above but still not working, set a wifi hotspot on your mobile phone, and open the 4G network to bind the camera to the mobile phone hotspot. If this works, then it means your router got some problem, please ask someone to help you check the router.
1) When you bind the APP, please close the mobile network (4G or 3G).
2) Make sure that the phone is able to switch to the wifi and can use external network well during the binding process (after the progress bar goes to 70%, the phone does not automatically connect to the wifi network).
3) If the current mobile phone can’t connect the feeder all the time, use a different mobile phone to bind it. If you don’t have another phone, you can use the mobile hotspot to try.
4) Some Android phones can not be bound, please go to “set”, and set wifi in Android phone settings = "Security = "app=".

Why the APP can’t be used when I connect WiFi?

2.4G routers with 802.11bgn protocol should be used. The feeder doesn’t support any 5G router. To watch the video on your cellphone, it is suggested that you do it with a Wi-Fi connection or the 4G network. There isn’t any restriction to the network operator as long as your cellphone can access to the Internet.

The Signal of “Wopet _XXXXXX” for Android devices isn’t stable.

With too many SSIDs around, the feeder’s Wi-Fi signal may be jammed. In this case, please select the Wi-Fi hotspot manually: manually select the feeder’s Wi-Fi hotspot (Wopet_XXXXX) in the cellphone’s Wi-Fi setup interface.

How to re-connect the device to the network quickly after it is disconnected.

1) Exit the APP, click it again and wait for data updating.
2) Switch from feeding interface to the video interface and wait for video refresh.

APP Issue

I can’t create an account.

1) Please keep APP open in the background, check the phone network, and open the message push reminder on the app page.
2) Switch the network or connect better network (other Wi-Fi/4G), restart or uninstall the app, re-register.
3) Your phone may need to authorize the right to the APP, please go to “setting” to set.
4) Android phone with mobile phone housekeeper and power saving tool, please open the setting to allow the background to run.
5) Download the newest version of APP.

My phone can’t receive messages.

1) Messages keep APP open in the background, check the network first, open the message reminder button.
2) Your phone may need to authorize the right to the APP, please go to “setting” to set.
3) Android phone with mobile phone housekeeper and power saving tool, please open the setting to allow the background to run.
4) Check your network.

The cellphone doesn’t remind me of food discharge.

The device has been rotated, which results in failure of food detection. Check whether there is no food in the barrel or the food outlet is blocked.

The cellphone indicates device abnormality.

Check whether or not the motor is running normally, and if the motor and the witch are drop off.

The cellphone indicates excessive food discharge.

There is too much food at the food outlet, which needs cleaning

The video watching is not working suddenly.

Check if the link indicator works well. If not, your network is unstable. Your password for video watching is wrong, re-bind your password.

I can’t find the photos I took in my phone, but they are found in the APP.

Please find “pet” in the setting, you should select “permit” in the setting.

I can’t use the 4G network to watch videos

1) Your mobile phone network is not good.
2) Uid is not valid. You can update the sd card did.

Feeder Issue

What is the difference between F01 and F02/F03?

F01 is 7L capacity, which suitable for both small and large size pets. F02 and F03 have the 4L capacity, better for small and medium size pets

How much is one portion?

If your feeder has two wheels, when you use the smaller wheel, one portion equals to 5g, when you use a larger wheel, one portion equals to 10g. If your feeder just has one wheel, one portion equals to 5g.

If power outage, will the feeder die?

When power off or disconnected, if the feeder equipped with batteries, it will dispense food according to the parameters set by your mobile phone.

The feeder is a buzz when working.

Check if the WiFi is stable. If the WiFi is disconnected or unstable, the feeder would buzz and, your router may not working very well.

I set up the time, but the feeder has not dispensed food.

1) Check whether the food outlet is clogged. If so, the red indicator will blink.
2) Check whether the motor has been seized by food. Setting issue.

The feeder dispenses food delay/earlier than planned time. .

When parameters are set up on the APP, it takes time to upload them to the server, which is about 5 minutes according to the network condition.

I press the feeding button, but the feeder does not dispense food right away.

1) Check whether it is shielded by the system message manager.
2) Check whether the cellphone is in a power-saving mode, which may lead to pushing failure when the APP is running at the back end.


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