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WOPET is a fast-growing online shopping store, specializing in Auto Pet Feeder. Thousands of people from all over the world.

WOPET is a promising brand, which the monthly sales exceed $1,000,000.

We’ve worked with lots of bloggers before, and have a really close connection with them.

WOPET serves thousands of visitors per month searching for reviews on pet products, as well as training, behavior, health, and care advice.
We are looking to connect/collaborate with other bloggers and pet professionals. Whether you are a dog enthusiast, dog trainer, dog groomer, dog walker, veterinarian or company representative, we would love to have you as one of our guest post writers.
All you need to do is fill the contact form below with the subject “Guest Post Opportunity” and tell us who you are and what is your topic.

What Benefit Do You get from It?
• More Visitors back to your website
• More followers on Facebook and Instagram (where we mainly share our posts)
• An in-content backlink to your site

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Once your request is approved, please send us an article that meets the following guidelines:

• Must be dog-related

• Must be 800+ words

• Must be unique and pass plagiarism check (content spinning is not allowed)

• Must be written or edited by a native English speaker

• Must be formatted correctly (short
paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, etc.)

• No spelling or grammar errors
• No affiliate links

You should know:

• We reserve the right to reject any article for any reason

• Once the article is approved, WOPET.com are the sole owners of the content

• You cannot publish the content anywhere else. In any other case, we will remove the article and blacklist the sender

• We may decide to edit and change the article, including replacing or removing unwanted links

• We will include only one link (per article) to your website

• We are happy to contribute to other sites


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