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WOpet Patrol 15-Meal Automatic WiFi Pet Feeder, 6L


WOpet Patrol 15-Meal Automatic WiFi Pet Feeder, 6L


When we keep the pets in our home, they become so much adorable for us. We care for their health, for their mood and for their benefits. But can you adhere to a standard feeding schedule for your pet everyday? Most of the time, it’s challenging to do so, especially when you have other obligations.

With WOpet Patrol smart feeder, you can ensure your pet can get the food they need when they need it. Feeding your pet is just a click away.


✅Feeding your pets remotely by your mobile phone and check the feeding records.

✅Help control body weight and establish good eating habit.

✅Recording a custom message for your pet to keep them excited about meal times.

✅Low food sensor, notifying you when food levels are low.

✅Powering your feeder via power adapter or 3 pieces D batteries (not included).

Fixed Meal Time from Now on

Take care of your pet anywhere using your smartphone

  • Smartphone Programming

    Program up to 15 meals on schedule with 1-50 portions per meal.

  • Low Food Sensor

    You’ll also receive an alert if the hopper becomes empty.

  • Custom Message Recording

    Your pet will not feel lonely when the food portion is dispensed

  • No More Worry

    Don't worry if you can't make it home for dinner. Even give a small snack from your smartphone if you think your pet is hungry!

Save Time, Stay Close

  • Specification

    Dimension: 7.6 x 14 x 14.2 inches

    Item Model Number: F07

    Net Weight: 4.85 pounds

    Capacity: 6L

  • Compatibility

    Plug-in powered or battery powered.

  • What's included

    1 x Automatic pet feeder /  1 x Manual / 1 x adapter / 1 x USB cable.

  • Operating Tips

    Suitable for dry food only, with the food pellet size within 5-15mm.  

    Compatible with iOS 9.0 or above, or Android smartphone 4.4 or above.

    IMPORTANT - Your home WiFi network needs to be a 2.4GHz frequency for the pet feeder to work. 

Customer questions & answers

Ask a Question
  • Can a cat paw reach up and manipulate the feeder wheel to dispense food during non feeding times?

    No. My cat tried, but the food stays out until the feeder dispenses it.

    -By Kitty on June 26, 2018

  • How many days in a row can you program?

    Once I programmed it it is continuous. We have had it for a couple of weeks now and programmed it the first day.

    -By Steve Yozviak on August 16, 2020

  • What are the portion sizes? My current feeder puts out between 5 - 10 grams depending on what fin I have in the feeder, but only supports 4 meals a day. 15 meals sounds great, but does it support very small portions?

    The feeder support 15 meals at most per day. One portion is about 5 grams, and it may be different with different size food.

    -By WOpet Team on January 21, 2021

  • What is the bowl made of? Can it be removed so it can be washed?

    The bowl is made of ABS material, and yes, it can be removed and washed.

    -By WOpet Team on October 29, 2020

  • Could it be manually programmable without wifi and the use of a smartphone? and can it operate outside Wifi?

    No, you can only program it through a phone, but you can always use the manual feeding function.  And with batteries as back-up power, it will operate as programmed when there is power outage or no wifi.

    -By WOpet Team on October 26, 2020

  • How many times a day can I feed my cat

    You can feed your cat with 15 meals a day at most. Besides, you can also use manual feeding function.

    -By WOpet Team on October 26, 2020

  • I don't have an electrical outlet where I plan to use it, so I will run it on batteries only. Will I still be able to use the WiFi app with it running only battery powered?

    When only battery-powered, it will go into sleep mode and some functions will be limited: 1) the voice recording will only play once before feeding the pets, but not during feeding. 2) the feeder's Wi-Fi connection will be disconnected and all the operations on the App will be unavailable. These are designed to save battery energy to ensure that the pet feeder can keep working for a long time.

    -By WOpet Team on October 27, 2020

  • How much is a "portion"?

    For "patrol feeder", one portion is about 5 g. :)

    -By WOpet Team on September 22, 2020

  • Will it still dispense scheduled meals if the wifi is out?

    Yes, it will as long as it has batteries as back-up.

    -By WOpet Team on September 21, 2020

  • I have 2 cats-- do any of your feeders have the option to dispense food into 2 different bowls?

    Sorry, our feeders have only ONE bowl for each.

    -By WOpet Team on september 9, 2020